SonaSpray “fc” Acoustical Finish System is a sound-absorbing material designed to improve the ambient sound quality, particularly in spaces where unwanted noise is a concern.

Why Choose SonaSpray "fc"?

SonaSpray “fc” is an exposed ceiling acoustical insulation used for Acoustical control. SonaSpray “fc” provides an attractive, high-performance solution to acoustical and lighting design objectives in both new construction and renovation projects. SonaSpray “fc” has a refined texture and is available in four standard colors and specially-matched custom colors. SonaSpray “fc” begins with uniquely prepared cellulose fibers combined with natural fire retardants in a strict, quality-controlled manufacturing process producing a Class A, Class 1 rated material.

SonaSpray “fc” is then applied from 1/2″ up to 1″ thick by an international network of professional contractors licensed by ICC. During application, the SonaSpray “fc” fibers combine with a water-based adhesive producing a durable exposed finish with exceptionally high bond and compression strength.

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K-13 thermal insulation s a spray-applied thermal and acoustical insulation typically used as an exposed ceiling spray insulation, requiring no additional barriers or materials.                                                                                    


SonaKrete is a premium ceiling acoustic finish with a very refined, plaster texture. SonaKrete is a spray-applied, then troweled for a seamless finish making it ideal for historic renovation and domed or arched ceilings.

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