K-13 Spray on System

K 13 has excellent thermal and acoustic properties making it a wonderful choice for most insulation needs.

Saint Thomas Episcopal_ K13 Light Gray

Why Choose K-13?

K-13 insulation is a high-performance product that is known for its exceptional sound-dampening and thermal insulation abilities. It is made from natural, sustainable materials and is usually sprayed onto walls and ceilings, forming a thick, homogenous blanket of insulation. One of the key benefits of K-13 insulation is its safety. It contains non-toxic, natural fire retardants that provide a high level of protection against fire. In an event of a fire, this insulation will help slow the spread of flames and protect the structure of the building. Additionally, K-13 insulation’s natural materials allow it to be easily recycled, making it a green solution for insulation needs.

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SonaSpray "fc" Acoustic Spray

SonaSpray “fc” is an exposed ceiling acoustical insulation used for Acoustical control. SonaSpray “fc” provides and attractive, high performance solution to acoustical objectives in new construction and renovation projects.

SonaKrete Premium Acoustical Finish

SonaKrete is a premium ceiling acoustic finish with a very refined, plaster texture. SonaKrete is spray-applied, then troweled for a seamless finish making it ideal for historic renovation and domed or arched ceilings.

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