Insulation Removal

Sometimes existing insulation will need to be removed for a variety of reasons. Payless Insulation can work with you to achieve your goals.

Payless employee removing residential insulation

Insulation Removal

Payless Insulation will remove your insulation, vacuum thoroughly, sanitize for odor, and mold and mildew and includes vacuum and disposal. 


  •  Remove rodent contaminated insulation.
  • Remove insulation that has lost its R-value and is no longer effective.
  • To rewire, replumb or replace ducts in your attic.
  • To air seal and thoroughly address all penetrations. 
  • Eliminate bad odors from urine / feces, water / smoke damage and moth balls. 
  • Remove debris
  • Relocate personal belongings.
  • Pier and Beam crawlspace insulation is ineffective, wet or falling.
  • To retrofit your home for foam.
  • Remove Open Cell Foam that was incorrectly installed under a floor and re-install with Closed Cell Foam.


Would you like to discuss your options for removal?