SonaKrete is a premium ceiling acoustic finish with a very refined, plaster texture. SonaKrete is then spray-applied, then troweled for a seamless finish making it ideal for historic renovation and domed or arched ceilings.


Why Choose SonaKrete?

SonaKrete insulation is a unique plaster-based soundproofing material that has been developed specifically to reduce the transmission of sound in commercial and residential buildings. The insulation is made from a blend of gypsum plaster and mineral wool, which is then mixed with water and sprayed onto the construction surface. The result is a hard, durable, and low-density plaster coating that helps to absorb sound waves and prevent them from passing through walls, floors, and ceilings. One of the main benefits of SonaKrete insulation is that it can significantly improve both the acoustics and the overall comfort of a building, as it effectively reduces the amount of noise that is transmitted between rooms. Additionally, this insulation system is easy to install, environmentally friendly, and can even help to enhance a building’s fire resistance. With all these advantages, it is no wonder that SonaKrete insulation is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry.

Can SonaKrete be your total solution?

SonaSpray fc

SonaSpray “fc” is an exposed ceiling acoustical insulation used for Acoustical control. SonaSpray “fc” provides and attractive, high performance solution to acoustical objectives in new construction and renovation projects.


K-13 thermal insulation is a spray-applied thermal and acoustical insulation.  K-13 meets project requirements for thermal insulation and noise control with an attractive natural texture that is available in standard and custom colors. 

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