Commercial Projects

We are “The Artists of Insulation” because of our willingness to spend more time on trim work and spray finish, we are able to deliver high quality standards. 

Why Use Payless Insulation for your Commercial Project?

We install thermalacoustical treatments, sound transmission, and fireproofing for all types of buildings. Empty or 100% occupied, as large as a one million square foot NRG Exhibit Hall or as small as a container. From large churches to small restaurants, we have completed many commercial projects throughout our 44+ years in business. Seeing our acoustical and thermal insulation projects professionally installed in various locations will give you a better idea for how it looks in different applications. See some of our past insulation projects (above map) and contact us to ask for details or visit a site similar to your project. You can visit the projects shown on the above map (they are accessible to the public).

Our technicians properly install the most efficient systems and address everything from aesthetically applied designs to detailed clean-up. Our specialized commercial insulation applications are very effective when it comes to reducing heat transfer and, at the same time, have improved acoustical properties and health benefits.

**How to view details for Payless’s Projects:  Click on the map and it will open in a new window.  From there, (the extreme upper left corner) is an icon on the left side of the “Payless Insulation Projects”.  Click on that icon and a dropdown menu appears.  It will contain building types (such as Restaurant and Bars, Parking Garages, Gyms,etc).  To view the building type and its location, just click on the building type. Once you do, there will be a drop down list of the individual companies that Payless Insulation has installed insulation, sound proofing, etc.  More detailed information is available such as business name, product description, and address.

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Acoustical Insulation

SonaKrete® is a premium acoustical finish product. Noise reduction of up to 75% can easily be achieved with a smooth plaster-like appearance. SonaKrete® is used primarily where drywall, plaster, brown coat, or any other smooth surface is present or will be installed.

Sound Reduction & Transmission

K-13® insulation is the spray-applied cellulose insulation tailored to your specific project requirements for insulation (R-Value), noise reduction (NRC). It can be applied to any prepared surface such as wood, steel, concrete, glass and other  construction surfaces.

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