Celbar has interlocking fibers which produces exceptional sound and thermal properties.

Why Choose Celbar?

Celbar® is a spray-applied insulation product for residential or commercial use. It is a blend of specially prepared cellulose fibers which are organic in nature and treated for adhesion and fire resistance. When sprayed in place, the interlocking fibers result in a mass which produces exceptional sound and thermal properties. As Celbar® is applied to wall, floor, and ceiling cavities, it forms a monolithic coating which seals cracks and holes in the wallboard, around plumbing and electrical outlets, vent ducts and other irregularities. This enables Celbar® to significantly reduce the infiltration of air and sound, increasing the thermal and acoustic performance. A notable advantage is its STC performance. Because of the monolithic coverage and sealing action, Celbar assemblies perform closer to lab-tested STC ratings in the field than conventional batt and soundboard systems.

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K-13 thermal insulation is a spray-applied thermal and acoustical insulation typically used as an exposed ceiling spray insulation, requiring no additional barriers or materials. K-13 meets project requirements for thermal insulation, noise control with an attractive natural texture that is available in standard and custom colors.

Cotton Insulation

Cotton batts produce a 3D infrastructure that traps, isolates, and controls sound waves. The result is a quiet comfortable environment between rooms, walls, and floors. Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation provides maximum R-Value performance and maintains strong thermal protection.Furthermore, UltraTouch Cotton Batts are environmentally safe, mold resistant, class A fire rated, and easy to use.

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