Residential Services

Payless Insulation has specialized in high-efficiency attic, wall and floor solutions for existing homes since 1979.

Payless employee blowing in acoustic medium for residential home

Why Use Payless Insulation?

We are the leading provider of sound and thermal solutions for your attic, walls, and floors. Payless Insulation offers a variety of different types of insulation and applications. Whether you want a super tight house or a breathable home, we can help you make some sound decisions. Payless Insulation will work tirelessly to help you feel more comfortable in your home and reduce energy costs.

There are two different types of insulators. One is detail-oriented and paid to take their time to do it right and other installers are paid to install quickly since they are paid by the square foot or the bag. If you are an existing homeowner, you don’t want someone to rush your project or leave a mess for other people to clean.

                                                    Tight House Requirements: 

  •  Sealed Combustion 90% Condensing Natural Gas Furnace.
  • Gas appliances must be properly vented.
  •  85%-90% existing insulation must be removed.
  • Attic cannot be used (by code) for storage unless a thermal barrier is applied.
  • Attic areas must be accessible (no low conditions).
  • Residents must vacate the property for 12-24 hours after application.

                                               Breathable Home Requirements:

  • Attic accessibility.
  • Sealed return air.
  • IC Rated Recess Light Cans or add barriers for protection.
  • Ventilated attic (Soffits, Ridge Vents, Air Hawks or Attic Fans).

Ask about the Energy Tax Credit!


Existing Homes

Due to our primary focus on insulating existing homes, we know what materials perform the best for your investment. We make your home comfortable and use
the longest lasting materials. We specialize in difficult applications for insulating
your home. Payless Insulation will design a solution for costly utility bills, comfort
and noise reduction. Our goal is to maximize comfort and reduce your energy bills.

Custom Homes

Utilize your Payless Insulation specialists in the planning stages of your custom
home to eliminate costly mistakes. Proper insulation will drastically reduce heating and cooling costs, day by day comfort, as well as prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning units.

Breathable Home

A breathable home is great for homeowners who are prone to enjoy more natural environments and materials. Cotton and treated cellulose are good examples of a breathable products.

Tight Home

Some homeowners want a tight home,  sealed with very little outside air. Spray Foam is the perfect product to achieve this environment and create a semi conditioned attic.

Tell us what you prefer!